Why my music gym?

My Music Gym, Mumbai, is a recreational center offering programs for children ranging in age from 0 to 12 years and their parents. My Music Gym offers music, tumbling and gymnastics, sports training, and choir programs.

What is a Recreational Center?

At My Music Gym we focus on developing recreational interests and skills that will last a lifetime. Our “early-childhood” development programs focus on the parent AND the child. During these programs parents interact with trained teachers, other parents and, most importantly, their own child in a fun, supportive and positive environment. Our “big-kid” development programs focus on age-appropriate skill building as a foundation for activities he/she will use throughout life, in a fun and safe environment.

Why my music gym?

We provide a dynamic, yet safe and fun recreational environment that incorporates age-appropriate, developmental activities focusing on nurturing skills that your child will use and enjoy for the rest of his/her life.


To offer urban children and their parents a recreational environment in which to explore, learn and develop skills through music and movement that will be used and enjoyed throughout their lifetime.