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It is a question that parents hear over and over again. My Music Gym’s Story Time is not only fun, but provides your child with the six early literacy skills that researchers have identified.

Those skills include:

Print motivation

The enjoyment of reading and books.


Knowing the names of things, concepts, and feelings.

Phonological awareness

Hear smaller sounds in bigger words and being able to manipulate those sounds.

Letter knowledge

Knowing letters! It also includes knowing what sounds the letters make and that letters are different from each other.

Print awareness

Knowing how to hold and manipulate a book, knowing that we read from left to right and top to bottom, and knowing that words and print are all around us.

Narrative skills

Being able to tell or retell a story, recount events, and give descriptions.

Story Time is 45 minutes.
We incorporate age-appropriate stories and related movement activities for each session.

Story Time for toddlers (6 months - 3 years)
Story Time for big kids (3 years - 6 years)

I am a big fan of Music Together and both of my children have really enjoyed it. In principle I don't believe in 'over-scheduling' young children, but this class has always been an exception. Since moving to Mumbai, Wendy has been our teacher of choice for several terms, and I have chosen her classes repeatedly for the enthusiasm.....