Music Together is a great music program. However, it was Wendy's spirit and enthusiasm along with her immense knowledge that made it exciting, fun and so stimulating! Its been a year since I stopped taking my daughter for Wendy's class (due to school). Nevertheless she yet remains my daughter's favourite teacher and demands to go back for her class. Its great to know that she will be available again!!!
- Rachna S.

After enjoying your program for over two years, with three children, the proof was in the pudding! We still sit on the floor singing "Hello Everybody" and their ears and eyes perk up when any of the familiar CD music is played - in any home! And believe me, they are played in lots of homes! Wendy's talented but good-natured (and yes, with our three children, flexible!) teaching style lent a warm accompaniment to energy-charged but informative music classes. While the vocals were talented, Wendy's instruction vis-a-vis dancing, instruments, balls, scarves, egg shakers made the classes come alive. I appreciate Wendy's efforts and successes in inculcating a love for all types of music in our young children - a continued celebration of singing and dance they will carry with them always.
- Heather K.

Wendy is an amazing teacher! My daughter took her class for over a year and absolutely loved the class because of her. She is so good with the kids. She is super creative and genuine and connects with everyone in the class - children and adults alike. My daughter has engaged in various extracurricular activities and Wendy's class stands out as her absolute favorite! I would highly recommend taking any class with Wendy!
- Geetu W.

I would highly recommend Wendy’s music classes. My son who has been with her for the last two years really enjoys them. What makes her class unique is the fun way in which different beats and rhythms are taught to the children, the exposure to music from around the world and use of innovative teaching props. As a parent, I love how she gets children to appreciate the sheer joy of music.
- Priya B.

I am a big fan of Music Together and both of my children have really enjoyed it. In principle I don't believe in 'over-scheduling' young children, but this class has always been an exception. Since moving to Mumbai, Wendy has been our teacher of choice for several terms, and I have chosen her classes repeatedly for the enthusiasm she brings to the program. It would be easy to feel self-conscious jumping around and making silly sounds, but Wendy makes it natural and fun.
- Monica

Music Together is the only ‘class’ I ever enrolled my kids in and I’d do the same all over again. They got everything they could out of it. Fun, friends and great music. As a matter of fact so did I. The music is addictive – we’re all humming it. My husband jokes that he should burn a CD with his choice – the best of nine collection. And, after cursing it while he was here, my brother in the U.S. finally admits to missing the music he had to hear from the minute he woke up in the morning till he said goodnight. We all have our favourites, we have them as ring tones, we’ve sung them at karaoke in Goa and we sing the kids to sleep with them every night. They now drum or play along to everything from Joplin to Spanish Music. They want to pick up words, beat the rhythm or just dance. My younger son, Kabir spoke music before he did words. A lot of it was to do with the program and a lot with his teacher. Both Kahaan and Kabir have been with Wendy since the very beginning. They love her lessons (I do too!), they love her voice, they love her energy, they love her. She is one of their favourite people and Tuesday (class day) was and is their favourite day. I don’t think there is any doubt why . . .
- Akshata K.

I enrolled my son for Music Together classes first when he was 7 months old. Today he is 19 months and having completed 4 terms of music classes with Wendy, I feel that music can be an important part of a child's development. Music Together has provided a large part of that for my son. The manner in which the class is conducted lends itself to an exploring culture in children rather than the structured learning format. This is one of the primary reasons I am very happy with the programme. Apart from aiding a child's music (creative) and vocabulary development process, the programme also encourages social skills in the little ones. I am grateful to Wendy for what she is doing and would like to thank her for it. Looking forward to her new programme!
- Pooja T.

We have experienced the wonderful atmosphere and expertise of the Music Classes for children! The kids blossom here and look forward to every class. The professionalism and positive attitude with which Wendy manages all communications and activities ensures that no parent will need to worry about anything once the child is with her - whether it is for programs, activities or sessions. All aspects are well thought out and taken care of. We have always had information flow easily, with regular updates to help parents plan events well in advance, while the kids develop a whole new dimension of their character.
- Preeti J.

Fun times with fitness and speed = speedkids.
The ingenuity spun in the various exercises and games, makes it
interesting and exciting for kids. My kids never want to miss this
- Ruhi G.

My 2.2year old, Nikita, just loves Wendy's tumbling class. Nikita is a very active girl who loves to climb, jump and run and Wendy's classes are a fabulous way for her to do that, while learning new skills at the same time. Wendy has a gentle, connected and fun way of leading the kids and they all respond to her very well. She knows just when to push them a bit, and when to leave them to do their own thing. Nikita also loves all the lovely equipment  - especially the wall ladder, the trampoline and all the mats, and I love how clean and well maintained everything looks. Nikita always has a lot of fun at class and for us it is well worth the drive from Colaba.
- Michaela A.

Terrific Tumblers! Well the name says it all. It is indeed a terrific activity class for my son. Its a pleasure to see my child running around and jumping like a kangaroo, hopping like a bunny.. All of which he has learnt during class hours. There is a new enthusiasm in him to spend his energy doing all physical activities. Apart from that I think its a great way to develop an awareness in your child of his/her own body movements. Well done and a big thanks to Wendy!
- Pooja T.

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Wendy Jetha is the coordinator of and program developer for My Music Gym. She is originally from the US, but has lived in Mumbai for 10 years. Wendy’s vision for My Music Gym began about 8 years ago when she and her husband returned to live in Mumbai with their two year old daughter. Wendy looked for activities that she and her daughter could participate.....